54" Hog Fan Guard Galvanized Finish
Fan Guard Panel
Price: $110.00
Item#: 8100280200
Wall Mount Bracket
Price: $17.00
Item#: 2020760200
Gate Rod
Price: $3.05
Item#: 2020100200

Designed to be as strong and reliable as our Hog Slat gating equipment, the 54" Hog Fan Guard will keep hogs away from your exhaust fans while also allowing easy access for inspection, cleaning and repair. A hot dipped galvanized finish* will help protect your fan guards for years to come. 

Each 54" Hog Fan Guard consists of the following components, purchased seperately.

Quantity Description Part # 
1 Hog Fan Guard Panel 8100280200
2 Wall Mount Bracket 2020760200
2 Gate Rod 2020100200

*Painted Hog Fan Guard shown in photos

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