Vanberg Roof Repair…2 Years Later 0

Over the holidays I had a chance to check on a roof repair project Vanberg Coatings applied in June of 2012.

The building was erected in 1968 and the roof metal was basically sound but showing rust.



Vanberg’s exterior metal coating product, AMC-100 or Aluminum Moisture Cure Urethane, was applied.  The results looked great then…..and the roof still looks great today…..over 2 years later.   For more on Vanberg Metal Coating products, click here.

Vanberg roof_2






Stop Interior Rust with WMC100 0

Now that cold weather has set in, you may have noticed some condensation on the metal ceilings in your poultry or swine buildings.  Most noticeably, these areas are around the air inlets and rolled ceiling along the sides of the building. In some cases, the metal may be starting to show rust and even developed holes and cracks.

Although these rust areas may be small now, they will continue until the ceiling “rusts through” and needs to replaced.    This is an expensive job because of the labor required to drop auger, electric and water lines plus remove and replace the steel and fasteners. Also additional down time between groups needs to be allowed.

Hog Slat offers a repair product called WMC100, a Moisture Cured Polyurethane White Coating that is specially designed for metal ceilings in confinement building.  WMC100 is single component epoxy that repairs and protects interior steel surfaces.

Simply remove any loose rust by scraping or wire brushing.   The surface is then treated by brushing on Rust Converter, which chemically neutralizes rust by converting it to a stable black compound.  As Rust Converter is applied, rust will turn black and a clear acrylic layer is formed over it.  This acrylic layer also prepares the metal surface to bond to the WMC100.  If there are holes or tears in the metal you can cover them with VSC Seam Tape. WMC100 is rolled or brushed on and the repair is complete.

That’s all there is to it!

The great thing is all these repairs can be done in place….no need to remove auger, water and feed lines.   You can do small repairs as they occur and stop them before they become bigger problems.

Hog Slat makes it easy to try WMC100 with a kit, part number WMC100-K. This kit contains 1 quart of WMC100, 1 pint of Rust Converter and four pieces of VSC Seam Tape; everything you need to repair up to 50-60 sq. ft. of ceiling metal. For various sized project needs, Rust Converter is also available in a 13 oz. spray can and WMC100 can be purchased in gallon or 5 gallon sized pails.


For exterior metal repair projects, Hog Slat offers AMC100 in various sizes as well as in a kit. Learn more about all our Vanberg Specialized Coatings metal repair products here.

Stop in your local Hog Slat, Georgia Poultry or Eastern Shore Poultry Services store or order the WMC100 kit online at http://www.hogslat.com/venberg-coatings-wmc100-metal-repair-kit


Galvanized Metal Roof Repair with AMC-100L 0

90 degrees, bright sunshine, no rain in the forecast and a light wind; perfect conditions for a firsthand look at roof repair.   Last winter I sat in on a training session with Vanberg Specialized Coatings when they covered the basics on their exterior metal coating product, AMC-100L or Aluminum Moisture Cure Urethane.  The results in the training labs were impressive, and I wanted to get some field experience using the product.

The site chosen was not a livestock building, but a storage building erected in 1968.  The 44 year old galvanized roofing was structurally sound but was starting to show large areas of surface rust.   I greeted Jim and Steve from Vanberg Coating, and we started on the process.

First they sprayed the roof down with a power washer to remove any dirt, bird droppings or loose rust.  Any areas with heavy rust were hit with a wire brush and loose nails were hammered down.  Once the roof was dry, we moved on to the next step.

The second step of the process was to apply VSC Rust Converter to the rusty spots.  Rust Converter chemically changes rust to a stable, insert compound.  Jim poured the Rust Converter into a pump sprayer and applied it to the rust spots that Phillip rolled out behind him.  Steve finished the process by sweeping the semi-dried surface lightly with a broom to smooth out any bubbles.

The results were a little surprising.  In the training demos, the samples that we applied the Rust Converter turned almost immediately jet black.  On this roof, the color was more of a dark red with black edges. The areas with light rust colored up dark red and only the heavy rust areas that penetrated to the carbon metal below showed up as black.

Day two was a carbon copy of the first day only with a little more wind that steadily got stronger as the morning progressed.  The original plan called for applying the AMC-100L with an airless applicator, but Steve and Jim decided there would be too much over spray with the existing breeze.  So instead we applied paint with rollers and paint brushes.  With me straddling the ridgeline and painting it with a brush, Jim and Steve rolling out the slopes, we moved right along.  While I would suggest using an airless applicator for a project this size, the fact we rolled this on by hand does prove the versatility of the product.  The AMC-100L dried quickly into a BRIGHT silver colored surface.  You could feel the heat reflecting off the roof so I would think the attic would also stay somewhat cooler.

Probably no place is as tough on metal roofs as when they are used on poultry and livestock buildings.  AMC-100L is great option for repairing rusty roof areas before they have to be replaced.  AMC-100L also works great to repair rust spots on feed bins.  You can try AMC-100L in a kit by ordering on line from our web-store at http://www.hogslat.com/vanberg-coatings-amc100l-metal-repair-kit or by going to any Hog Slat and Georgia Poultry stores near you. They carry a full line of Vanberg Specialized Coatings metal and concrete repair products in stock.

One final note here.

You will probably be surprised at the consistency of AMC-100L; as you’ll be expecting a thick, heavy product like latex paint.  In fact, it’s actually more of a thin, watery stuff.  I didn’t wear gloves when applying the AMC-100L because it was a hot day and I planned on washing it off when we were finished.

Bad idea. Nothing would take it off my hands and arms.

Not solvent.

Not gasoline.

Not paint thinner.

Not even finger nail polish remover.

I ended up taking an 80 grit foam sanding block and literally sanding it off my hands!

So beware and wear gloves and long sleeves.  This tough stuff!


Repair Metal Ceilings in Place 0

I have been in literally hundreds of hog buildings over the course of my travels. It really doesn’t matter who built them, the quality of the metal or the insulation value…..if they have a metal ceiling you will eventually have some rust occurring. The most typical spots to see this are around the air inlets (cold air hitting a warm ceiling) and the along the outside walls where the ceiling metal is rolled over the knee braces (insulation tends to slide down). Over time this metal rusts and needs to be replaced.

Huge job! The plumbing and electrical lines have to be dropped, metal unscrewed, rips in the vapor barrier repaired, replace insulation and slide and fastened new metal sheeting into place.

Those kinds of repairs are the ones that tend to get put off indefinitely. That’s where products from Vanberg Specialized Coatings come in. Rust Converter and EM-15 Epoxy Mastic are used to repair metal ceiling in place.

First, remove all the loose rust you can by scraping or pressure washing.

Second, apply Rust Converter to the visible rust areas. Rust Converter will neutralize the rust, you will see the rust turn from red to black in a couple of minutes.

Third, mix the two part EM-15 Epoxy Mastic together and either roll or paint it on the metal for a hard, moisture resistant coating that preserves the metal and protects it from further damage.

Vanberg produces a repair kit (EM15-1K) with everything you need to get started. You can go to www.hogslat.com and order it today.