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Hog Slat hog slats

We Have A Little Different Spin on Slats.

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It Starts with Concrete!
Everyone knows the less water added
to a mix the stronger the concrete.  
Our batch computers measure the water
content of the sand and rock before
adding water to formulate a dry casting
mix.  This dry cast mixture is a ZERO
slump mix compared to FOUR inch slump
used with hand cast slats.  Using a
DRY CAST mix results in HARDER, DENSER
slats that last longer in your buildings. 

After placing the concrete, spinning ROTOSCREEDS strike off the mold. This machined process allows us to work the ZERO slump concrete mix.  It is virtually impossible to work concrete this stiff by hand troweling.  One of the key features of our slats is the uniform FLAT top which is easier on your pig's feet.  

machined slats

 Hog Slat steam cured slats

Steam Curing 
Reduces Variation

After casting each slat is STEAM CURED in climate controlled tents. Steam provides the heat necessary 
for accelerated curing and the moisture to prevent stress cracks and shrinkage. In only a few hours we are able to harden slats that exceed 28-day strengths of normally cured concrete. Hot, dry weather or cold, wet condtions don’t effect the quality of slats delivered to your farm.


It is very important proper steam curing procedures are followed to ensure long term durability of the slats. The rate of temperature gain and the maximum temperature in the curing chamber must be controlled and monitored using accepted industry guidelines and practices. Failure to do this can result in a shortened life span of the concrete slats due to delayed ettringite formation (DEF), a condition that leads to early deterioration of the concrete when exposed to an environment similar to that found in a hog barn.
Avoid slat replacement with Hog Slat concrete slats

$300 A SLAT!                                                                        

The average cost to replace one defective or failed slat in a finishing house is $300That doesn’t include equipment removal or installation and lost down time. You can’t afford to install inferior slats in your building projects. Insist on Hog Slat’s premium slat and get it right the first time.

Hog Slat concrete slat set with crane