Dosatron® Proportioner Venturi Valve
Dosatron proportioner venturi valve, used to properly mix drinking line cleaning solutions and other chemicals at adjustable rates.
price: $82.39

Dosatron’s 3/4” MGHT, self-cleaning polypropylene proportioner is chemical resistant and includes a built-in check valve designed to prevent back filling into the concentrate tank. The 2 GPM proportioner operates from 7 psi to 58 psi and it handles hot water up to 160º F.

A simple 1/4 turn of the handle changes the function from dosing (ON) to rinsing and a system of 12 color coded tips are provided for various injection rates. Back flush mode allows for easy cleaning.

Venturi proportioners, under constant pressure and flow conditions, provide an economical means of accurately dispensing chemicals. This simple device offers a wide array of injection rates and performs at high temperatures.

DSA Proportioner Specs

Dosatron DSA Proportioner Injection Rate Data

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