Grower SELECT® Sow Drop
Model 55/236
Price: $17.75
Item#: HSSD55
Model 75
Price: $19.00
Item#: HSSD75
Model 90
Price: $19.00
Item#: HSSD90

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The Sow Drop’s molded UV stable polypropylene body resists damage from sunlight and cold temperatures. Large 12 pound capacity with integrated card clip.
See Accessories tab for Control Unit and Adjustable Drops Tubes. 

Grower Select Sow Drop side view      

The open-top design
allows installation
of the unit directly on feed lines.
Features large side 
access plug.

                                      Grower Select Sow Drop Front View

Positive open/close shut-off slide on top. Adjustable feed
slide features fade resistant
stamped lettering versus surface printed symbols.

Grower Select Sow Drop closeup  

The GS Sow Drop utilizes a
long-lasting, stainless 
cable instead of a 
nylon cord
to control 
the shut off ball.
runs through
wear grommets.                  

Grower Select Sow Drop Shut-off ball

Constructed of high density plastic the one-piece shut

off ball does not require filler weight. Lifter cable can

be replaced without disassembling the ball.