Hog Slat® Center Drop Sow Feeder - 8 lb.
55mm Feed Pipe
Price: $19.50
Item#: HSSD55C
60mm Feed Pipe
Price: $19.50
Item#: HSSD60C

The Center Drop design hangs straight under the feed pipe and is molded from UV stable polypropylene to prevent damage from sunlight and cold temperatures. The clear body construction provides quick visual confirmation that feed has been dispensed and the balanced design keeps the feeder hanging staight for trouble free operation. Available in 55mm and 60mm sizes. 

Output drop hole from feed pipe should be 1-3/8" for 55mm and 60mm sizes. 

Simple Feed Control
Positive open/close shutoff control lever.
Hog Slat Center Drop Shutoff Lever Image
Easy Feed Drop Access
Open-top design permits installation directly on the feed pipe. 
Large access plug allows quick entry. 
Hog Slat Center Drop Access Plug Image
Adjustable Feeding Amounts
Adjustable dial controls feed settings from 1 to 8 pounds.
Hog Slat Center Drop Adjustable Dial Image
Smooth Operation
Nylon wheel to prevent excess wear on lifter cord. Weighted 
drop ball provides positive feed shutoff and agitates feed
during activation to assist with complete feed flow.  
Hog Slat Center Drop Lifter Cord Roller Image
Center Drop Feeder with Control
8-pound capacity control feeder features 220V Proxy Plus
proximity sensor to ensure all feeders in the line have been
completely filled to their adjusted setting.  

Item # HSSD1-CU 
Hog Slat Center Drop Control Unit Image
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