Hog Slat® Linear Actuator -24"
120 Volt
Price: $233.96
Item#: HS667-24
240 Volt
Price: $233.96
Item#: HS667-24-240

The Hog Slat® Linear Actuator features an IP65 rating and powerful precision for all stages of ventilation. 

The Hog Slat Linear Actuator is designed to be used with an automatic ventilation control. This unit provides bi-directional control with potentiometer feedback for position sensing. Can be mounted with optional Hog Slat® Linear Actuator Mounting Kit

Features & Benefits:

- High quality motor bearings
- IP65 rating = dust proof seals and resistant to low pressure streams of water (What are IP Ratings?)
Bi-directional control with potentiometer feedback for position sensing of inlets
- Equipped with an adjustable limit switch

Electrical Specifications:

- 120VAC @ 60 Hz, 1.4 A, 167W
- 240VAC @ 50/60 Hz, .8 A, 167W
- Position sensor: 10K ohm potentiometer 

Mechanical Specifications

Max Load 350 Kgs / 772 lbs
Max Speed 6.3mm / 1/4" per second @ 60 Hz
5.4mm / 7/32" per second @ 50 Hz 
Stroke Length 610mm / 24"
Max Duty Cycle 20%, 12 min/hr.

The potentiometer provides a resistance (Ohm) output relative to the positioning of the actuator extension shaft.  Installation manual states this value is 10KΩ which is the correct value of the potentiometer but the 24” model does not achieve 10KΩ when fully extended.  For purposes of aiding calibration when connecting to controllers use the below values which represent the fully retracted and fully extended operation.

Potentiometer values: 

Fully retracted: 650Ω +/-.050

Fully extended: 6.40KΩ +/-.40