Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp Fixture
9' Cord
Price: $14.75
Item#: HS664
12' Cord
Price: $15.07
Item#: HS664E

Durable plastic (polypropylene) lamps will not corrode or dent and flexible sides cushion bulbs from breakage. Polypropylene formulation contains UV stabilizers for longevity. Poly Lamp is the only poly shade with an UL listing.

120 volts with a 250-watt maximum rating. Extended three-year warranty.

• Two-piece fixture screws together on shade top, instead of bolting, to reduce breakage
• Rigid nylon fixture eliminates cord twist when replacing bulbs and the porcelain socket resist heat damage better than plastic
• Ungrounded cord set includes poly hanger clip
• Shade includes a wire hanger for additional hanging options
• Available with a 9' or 12' cord

Shade Dimensions: 12"H x 10"W (at bottom)

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