Jake's Wire Tighteners™
Standard 1/4" (20 clips/bag)
Price: $14.60
Item#: JWT001
Heavy Duty 5/16" (15 clips/bag)
Price: $20.13
Item#: JWT002
Installation Crank Handle
Price: $15.35
Item#: JWT003

Jake's Wire Tighteners™ are the quick, simple and effective way to tighten loose, sagging or broken barbed wire fencing! 

In less than one minute you can repair loose and sagging strands of barbed wire fence by inserting a clip and making a few turns. Broken wire? Just insert a splice strand on each side, turn until taut and then you're done!

Clips are designed to be used with the Jake's Wire Tighteners™ crank handle (JWT003) 

Available in 2 models:
• 1/4" standard model (20 per bag)
• 5/16" heavy duty model (15 per bag) 

Jake's Wire Tighteners™ Installation Video:

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