Medicator Rx 3 LB Bucket
Easy to use 3 lb. bucket. Add 2 scoops per gallon of water and soak medicator and parts for 24 hours (48 hours for best results).
price: $133.93

Use Medicator RX on a regular basis to help maintain your medicator's performance.

Use Medicator Rx on a regular basis to cleanse your medicator and remove:

- Rust
- Mineral deposits
- Calcifications

As it cleans it lubricates your medicator's interior seals and all moving components. It's easy-to-use between the medicating and vaccinating cycles and acts as a cleanser when medicator parts are soaked.

- Provides lubrication to moving parts and seals
- Quick and easy to use
- Requires no scrubbing
- Cleanses and flushes your medicator and medicator parts

Also available in convenient to use packets (located under Accessories tab)

See Resources tab for instructions on using Medicator Rx

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Medicator RX Instructions

Medicator Rx Directions for Use Between Medicating and Vaccinating Cycles:

• Inject clean water to rinse chemicals from medicator

• Dissolve one packet into 1/2 quart (16 ozs) of water

• Place strainer in solution

• Turn water on and watch suction hose fill with green liquid

• Once green liquid has filled the hose to the top, allow medicator to click 5 more times

• Shut water off

• Let solution sit in medicator for up to 24 hours

• Inject clean water to thoroughly rinse medicator

For Deep Cleaning, Dismantle and Soak Medicator Parts:

• Prior to soaking in the Medicator Rx solution, dismantle medicator and thoroughly rinse all parts in clean water to remove chemicals

• Dissolve one packet into one gallon (4 qts) of water

• Soak medicator parts in Medicator Rx solution. For best results use one packet of Medicator Rx per medicator and soak for 24 hours, up to 48 hours. Larger medicators use two packets to two gallons of water

• Remove medicator parts from soaking solution

• Thoroughly rinse all parts with clean water to be sure solution residue is removed prior to reassembly