Polypropylene Swine Flooring

Hog Slat's plastic flooring adapts to any building scheme, making it the perfect choice for new construction as well as retrofits and remodels. High-tech injection molding from virgin quality polypropylene copolymer creates durable, long-lasting plastic flooring solutions. Available in multiple grid configurations and sizes. 
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Chess Nursery
Self-cleaning 3/8" slots arranged in a multi-direction pattern give nursery pigs optimum traction. Sturdy design supports wider spans, reducing support beam costs. Suitable for pigs up to 130 pounds.
Hog Slat® Plastic Chess Nursery Flooring Panel
Swing Sow Sections
Combine Swing series sections with Rubin for complete farrowing floors. Choose from the various types of Swing sections for sow comfort; 5% & 10% solid for shoulder areas along with soft and GR series for lying and traction. 
Hog Slat® Plastic Swing Sow Panel Flooring Section
Rubin Creep
Rubin design offers an excellent combination of traction, comfort and cleaning for small piglets. Available in multiple sizes with 3/8" slot width. 
Hog Slat® Plastic Rubin Creep Panel Flooring Section
Delta Beam Supports
Delta Beam's edge profile interlocks with the flooring sections for extra security. Corrosion resistant fiberglass construction and triangular shape help avoid manure buildup while furnishing high load bearing and buckling stability. 
Hog Slat® Delta Beam Supports
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