Printed Pulp Dozen Egg Carton
Individual Carton
Price: $0.36
Item#: MV003032S-EA
250 Count Bundle
Price: $74.99
Item#: MV003032S

FREE SHIPPING via UPS Ground in the contiguous USA. (250 Count Bundles Only)

Compare & Save! When purchased by the bundle, our egg cartons cost you $0.30 each delivered to your door. Similar egg cartons from other suppliers cost between $0.40 to $0.90 each, and may not include free shipping.

These recycled pulp material one dozen egg cartons feature a see through top and "split-six" design that holds six eggs on each side of the carton. The see through top allows the eggs to be seen without opening the carton, which is especially convenient when selling different colors and types of eggs.

The printed cartons have a blank space to add your farm or contact information, egg grade and size. Food safety information is also printed on the cartons. Whether you are selling eggs at the local market or gifting them to friends/family, these cartons are the perfect container for transporting and storing your fresh eggs.

Features & Benefits:
• See through top allows easy egg inspection
• "Split-six" design can be cut down the middle to share
• Printed areas with room to list farm/contact name, egg grade and size
• Made from recycled material

Available for purchase as individual cartons or bulk carton bundle. Each bundle contains 250 egg cartons.

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