Servus® Northerner Series Ladies Boot - Navy
Size 5
Price: $30.00
Item#: 75126-5
Size 6
Price: $30.00
Item#: 75126-6
Size 7
Price: $30.00
Item#: 75126-7
Size 8
Price: $30.00
Item#: 75126-8
Size 9
Price: $30.00
Item#: 75126-9
Size 10
Price: $30.00
Item#: 75126-10
Size 11
Price: $30.00
Item#: 75126-11

Ideal for farm, chore and industry use, the Northerner series boot is 100% waterproof and features proprietary TDT (Triple Density Technology) compound formulations for durability and increased resistance to degradation from many harsh chemicals. Available in women's whole sizes.

• 100% waterproof
• TDT (Triple Density Technology) uses proprietary compounds for increased durability and resistance to wear from harsh chemicals
• Outsole perimeter is designed for tough, long-lasting support
• Centersole is dual compounded for cushioning, long wear and increased traction on slick surfaces
• FOOT FORM contour insole provides additional comfort
• Reinforced construction at critical stress points
• Higher, wider kick-off lugs provide easy on/off convenience

Color: Navy
Women's Whole Sizes: 5-11
Height: 15" 

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