Hog Slat Group Housing Stanchions

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Let us show you why more producers are choosing stanchions as their group housing option. Hog Slat is the industry leader in group housing with over 350,000 stanchion conversions or new projects completed. Contact us today for more information.

Stanchions offer these advantages over ESF and free access stalls:

  • Well suited to current U.S. production practices. Farm staff can more easily make the transition to a stanchion system because it utilizes the same feed delivery system and penning. Does not require a staff highly trained in maintaining complicated electronics.   
  • This design lends itself to a wide range of group sizes with a lot of flexibility in pen and building important consideration with remodel projects. 
  • Lower initial equipment costs than either ESF systems or Free Access stalls and less equipment to maintain and repair. Stanchion systems require over 14% less floor space than floor plans utilizing Free Access stalls.   
  • More control over feeding compared to floor-fed pen systems. Feeding stanchions may also be used with total slats, simplifying manure handling and pen management. 

Hog Slat stanchion single single stanchion

Hog Slat’s integrated stanchion system features solid rod construction with a powder epoxy paint or hot-dipped galvanized finish.

Available in multiple sizes and widths to adapt to any new or remodeling project.

Optional double or single-sided stainless steel trough completes the installation.

Hog Slat stanchion floor plan

Hog Slat Single Feedline Double Stancions

Hog Slat Stanchion Handbook

Hog Slat Group Housing Stanchion Walkway

Hog Slat Group Pen Saloon Doors

We Wrote the Book on Sow Group Housing! 

Complete with illustrated pictures of equipment and diagrams of building layouts, this 16 page handbook contains practical details needed to build new sow housing or convert existing stalls to group housing.

Download your FREE copy here: Stanchion Handbook 

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