TempShield™ Curtain Insulation
3' x 200'
Price: $217.74
Item#: MWDBDF3X200
4' x 125'
Price: $181.46
Item#: MWDBDF4X125
4' x 200'
Price: $290.32
Item#: MWDBDF4X200
5' x 125'
Price: $226.82
Item#: MWDBDF5X125
5'x 200'
Price: $362.89
Item#: MWDBDF5X200
6' x 200'
Price: $404.07
Item#: MWDBDF6X200

Save .10 cents a foot when ordering 3 rolls or more

TempShield™ turns a regular barn curtain into an insulated one!

• Energy saving bubble insulation reflects heat back into building
• 4-ply layered construction of Foil/Bubble/Bubble/Foil
• Helps reduce heating costs
• Can be removed after winter, rolled up and stored for next season

Use TempShield foil tape, item # MWT4882, to connect insulation seams and repair holes or tears.

Installation Tips:

It is recommended to order TempShield width 8"-12" less than curtain height.  This creates a gap above TempShield for ventilation when sidewall curtains drop during milder winter weather.    

  1. To install as curtain insulation, drop curtain.
  2. Slide TempShield behind curtain and retainer ropes.
  3. Raise curtain to hold TempShield in place.
  4. In the spring, simply drop the curtain, slide TempShield out from behind the curtain.
  5. Re-roll and store until next fall.  

TempShield images

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