item#: WMC100-K
WMC100 Metal Repair Kit
An excellent kit for small to medium sized metal repair and protection jobs.
price: $48.61

Use this kit to repair and protect punctured and rusted metal as an alternative to replacement.

The WMC100 repair kit includes components that will allow you to patch small holes or tears, stop rusting and protect metal surfaces from future oxidation. Use this kit as an alternative to costly replacement of interior metal surfaces, ceilings, walls and equipment. 

Kit Contains:
- (1) quart of WMC100 White Moisture Cured Urethane Coating
- (1) pint of VSC Rust Converter
- (4) pieces of VSC Seam Tape (2"W x 3"L)
- (1) 2" chip brush 

To repair rusted and punctured metal areas, prepare the surface by removing all loose rust (if possible) and treating with VSC Rust Converter, which stops rust and prevents further corrosion by converting the rust into a stable black compound. If holes, loose screw heads, splits or seam seperations are present, repair using high-strength contouring VSC Seam Tape which is self-adhesive and can even stop leaks. A final coat of WMC100 will seal the repaired and patched surfaces greatly extending the life of your metal surfaces while saving you money versus the costs of complete replacement. 

Finished Color: White

After WMC100 application has dried and cured, repaired surfaces can be repainted if desired.  

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