WMC100 White Urethane Coating
1 Quart
Price: $35.16
Item#: WMC100
1 Gallon
Price: $95.67
Item#: WMC100-1
5 Gallon Pail
Price: $448.88
Item#: WMC100-5

Single component moisture cured white polyurethane coating superior to epoxy primers.

A single component, Moisture Cured Polyurethane White Coating 
with excellent adhesion to sound, properly prepared steel, and other surfaces. This low viscosity, high “wetting” coating provides excellent corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. Its resistance to creeping, undercutting, and blistering is superior to epoxy primers.

Typical Uses: Formulated for use over tightly adherent rusty steel and previously painted surfaces limited to hand or power tool cleaning. It is ideal for interior metal ceilings, walls and equipment. Can be painted to match surrounding material after drying (not required).

Typicial Coverage: 200-300 sq. ft./gal at 2-5 mil

Application: Spray, brush or roll

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