VSC Rust Converter
1 Quart
Price: $20.61
Item#: RC900
1 Gallon
Price: $76.09
Item#: RC900-1

VSC Rust Converter stops rust in its tracks preventing further corrosion and rusting on metal surfaces.

When Vanberg Specialized Coatings Rust Converter is applied it chemically converts rust into a stable black 
compound. It will also oxidize other corrosion and scale. A clear acrylic layer then forms over the converted rust that can be coated with AMC100L or WMC100 urethane coatings. If additional coatings are not desired, the clear acrylic layer will last as a standalone coating.

Typical Uses: Metal roofs, ceilings and walls on livestock, plant, institutional and farm buildings. It is effective on equipment, boats, tools and virtually any metal structure.

Typical Coverage: Variable, typically 500 sq. ft. per gal.

Application: Brush, roller or spray

Also available in a 13 oz. spray can for smaller applications. 

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