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Electric Fence Materials

Dare Products produces quality electric fence wire, polyrope, polywire, polytape and high tensile wire supplies to help you build or repair electric fences on your property. Designed to work with all fence post options including plastic fence posts, western style posts, wood fence posts and T-posts. 

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Underground & Hook-up Wire for Electric Fence

Perfect for underground use and to hook fence charges to fence. Designed for direct burial. 50 feet per roll.

16 GA. Aluminum Electric Fence Wire - 1/4 Mile

DARE 1/4 mile roll of 16 gauge aluminum electric fence wire.

DARE HD Polywire for Electric Fences

Heavy-duty white UV resistant polywire cord for electric fences. 656 feet (200m) per roll.

DARE 6mm Braided Equi-Rope for Electric Fences

6mm Braided HDPE & polyester mix fence rope with 7 strands of stainless steel conductor wires.

DARE Polytape for Electric Fences 1-1/2" Wide

Woven white UV resistant polyethylene with stainless conductor wires. 1-1/2" wide. 656 feet per roll.

DARE Energy Limiter for Electric Fences

Restricts the flow of current to specific sections of fence that may be shorted by rising water or heavy weed growth.

T-Post Vinyl Safety Cap

Highly visible white vinyl cap protects horses and livestock from the jagged tops of T-posts.

Line Clamp/Tap Split Bolt w/ Nut - 3 pack

DARE die cast zinc split bolt, washer and galvanized steel nut provide secure line connections.

Fence Taps for High Tensile and Barbed Wire

DARE fence tap splices for high tensile electric and barbed wire fences. Package of 10.

Electric Polyrope Clamp - 4 Pack

Use to splice, end or connect polyrope to wire from the fence charger. Package of 4.

Wire Tightener for Polywire Polytape & Wire

Plastic wire tightener that can be used with 1/2" polytape, polywire and steel wire. 5 per package.

Polytape Fence Electrical Connector

Use to connect electric fence charger to polytape. Can also be used as an end clamp.

Tape Clip for 1-1/2" Polytape - 25 pack

Use the DARE tape clips to secure loose ends of polytape on electric fences.

Splicing Buckle for Polytape - 2 Pack

Splicing buckle to join two lengths of electric fence polytape. Package of 2.

Corner Tensioner for Polytape Electric Fence

Tightener for 1-1/2" polytape installed on fence corner wood posts or T-posts. Package of 2.

End Tensioner for Polytape Electric Fence

Tightener for 1-1/2" polytape installed on wood posts or T-posts. Package of 2.

Splicing Sleeve for High Tensile Wire - 25 Pack

DARE splicing sleeves for high tensile smooth electric fence wire. Package of 25.

DARE No-Cut Wire Strainer

Use to tighten high tensile and other smooth fence wires without cutting the wire. Die-cast zinc.

Wire Strainer/Tightener for High Tensile Fencing

Wire strainer/tightener for high tensile wire fencing applications.

Tension Measuring Spring for High Tensile Wire

DARE tension measuring spring for high tensile wire fencing.

Strainer Crank for High Tensile Fence Wire

DARE strainer crank handle for tightening high tensile fence wire.

Step-In Poly Posts for Electric Fence

Step-in poly posts ideal for temporary electric fence applications like controlled grazing.
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5" Fence Brace Pins - 5 pack

5" fence brace pins used to hold horizontal wood brace beams in place.

10" Fence Brace Pins - 5 pack

10" fence brace pins used to hold horizontal wood brace beams in place.