Hog Slat - Swine Flooring Systems Information Flyer

2 SWINE FLOORING Slats Pork Producers around the world choose Hog Slat concrete slat flooring for their swine production facilities because of the consistent finished quality of our products and the peace of mind our premium slatted flooring gives them in the investments they make on their farms. T Slats Single T Slats are great choice for replacing slats in older facilities. Self- spacing design maintains accurate 1” slot spacing while allowing the opposite end to be cut to length. Slats are 4” in depth with 6” broom finished top. Lintels High strength concrete lintels are key to providing solid support for concrete flooring systems. Manufactured with the same dry cast process as our slats to hold up under the harshest conditions. WARRANTY 10 YEAR Hog Slat, Inc. was started in 1969 when our founder, Mr. Billy Herring couldn’t find a suitable flooring for the hog facility he was building. Relying on his ingenuity and experience, he constructed his own • Our slats are machine manufactured with a strong, dry-cast concrete mixture and reinforced with high-tensile steel mats for added durability. • Standard size slats are 4’ wide and available in either 8’ or 10’ lengths • A special 2’ wide slat is available for remodeling projects • Choose 1” slat openings for wean-to-finish, or 1-1/2” slot openings for gestation and breeding • All concrete gang slats are 4” in depth and broom finished with a 5” wide top 8' Length Slat Options • Item # 1214 (2’ wide x 8’ long x 1” slot) • Item # 1218 (4’ wide x 8’ long x 1” slot) • Item # 1222 (4’ wide x 8’ long x 1-1/2” slot) • Item # 1213 (4’ wide x 8’ long solid, no slot openings) 10' Length Slat Options • Item # 1231 (2’ wide x 10’ long x 1” slot) • Item # 1228 (4’ wide x 10’ long x 1” slot) • Item # 1236 (4’ wide x 10’ long x 1-1/2” slot) • Item # 1230 (4’ wide x 10’ long solid, no slot openings) Slats are in our DNA concrete slats which soon caught the attention of other local producers for their quality and function. A small family business was born, and today has grown to a company that has become the world leader in supplying high quality products and farm design to the swine industry. Hog Slat operates slat manufacturing plants in the USA, Poland, Romania, China and Mexico to support construction operations in Europe, Asia and Central/South America.