GrowerSELECT AS-36E Series Airstorm Fiberglass Fan Installation Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA November 2019 10 Air Storm Fans 7. Place the grill guard back into the cone and utilizing extended fasteners (supplied with fan) to secure cone to housing by inserting the threaded portion of the bolt through the cone, then through the housing, then through the grill guard from the exterior of the fan. 8. Secure all 4 bolts with washers and nuts removed in step 5. 9. Using a 1/2” drill bit drill a relief hole in the housing at desired location for entry of power cord • ! ENSURE HOLE LOCATION WILL NOT ALLOW POWER CORD TO APPROACH THE PATH OF THE ROTATING FAN BLADE OR SHUTTER ACTION! • Also ensure hole location will not allow excessive entry of water during adverse weather conditions • Image shown is recommendation only! Actual point of power entry should be determined by installer. 10. A second relief hole is recommended in most applications in the bottom of the housing to allow drainage of any liquid that could accumulate in the bottom of the housing. This hole should be drilled in base of the housing centered between the vertical support and orifice exit.