GrowerSELECT AS-36E Series Airstorm Fiberglass Fan Installation Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA November 2019 6 Air Storm Fans Installation Prior to any installation product should be inspected for any damage caused during shipping. Any damage found should be documented and communicated to liable parties. Operation Safety When fan is in operation no attempt should be made to service or interact with parts from the fan. Any attempt to interact with fan parts while the fan is operating could result in injury. Inlet and exit guards and or shutters are in place to help prevent foreign objects from entering inside the outer perimeter of the housing. If maintenance to the fan is required, interrupt the source of power to the motor and allow propeller to come to a complete stop before moving forward with any efforts to service. Maintenance Safety Air Storm Fans are designed and built with operator safety in mind. Some safeguards must be disassembled or removed for the parts to be serviced or replaced. As this fan does have moving parts and is supplied with electrical power, steps must be taken to ensure safety around these presented hazards. READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE SERVICE OR PART REPLACEMENT 1. Read and understand the operating manual before trying to install or operate Air Storm Fans. 2. Power supply should be turned OFF and LOCKED OUT for service to motor and electrical components. Use CAUTION in checking voltage or other procedures requiring power to be ON. 3. DO NOT attempt to bypass any safety features or devices to operate the fan. 4. Keep fan clean of all debris that may collect the motor, prop, and any bearings, belts, or pulleys. 5. Use CAUTION is working around all moving parts of the fan. Fan guards or shutters must be in place before fan can be safely started and operational. Installation Framing The rough in opening for the fan is an exact measurement that accounts for the heads of fasteners and openings for fan. Ensure there is proper clearance for installation or rough opening may require larger measurements. Fan Model Rough Opening (Width x Height) 36” Fiberglass Exhaust Fan 43 1/2” X 43 1/2” (109.86 cm x 109.86 cm) See Diagram on Next Page for Wall Thickness Specific Dimensions