GrowerSELECT - HS446 Poultry Feed Line Hopper Lower Switch Instruction Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA May 2018 1 Poultry Feeding Systems HS446 Poultry Feed Line Hopper Lower Switch Assembly and Installation Instructions (Spanish Version Included) General Installation Notes: Make sure that power is disconnected from system prior to servicing. Installation of this equipment and related OEM equipment should be in accordance with these instructions, OEM’s installation instructions and local codes (if applicable). Failure to follow specified instructions may cause damage to equipment and/or personal injury or death. Take special note of any Warnings or Safety Decals on the equipment and in manuals. Always wear protective clothing and any applicable Personal Protective Equipment (Safety Glasses and/or Ear Plugs) when working with the equipment. Discarded materials, equipment and boxes should be recycled in accordance with local and national codes. Unless otherwise specified, all Feed Delivery Systems (Diameters) are installed similarly. Note: Assembly is to be wired in accordance with all applicable local and national electrical wiring codes. All wiring sizes and fuse capacities are to be sized according to applicable electrical code specifications or other regulations. Safety Instructions: Read all safety messages in this manual and on equipment safety decals. Follow recommended precautions and safe operating practices. Ground all electrical equipment for safety. Ground all non-current carrying metal parts to guard against electrical shock. Always keep safety decals in good condition and replace missing or damaged decals. Important Installation Notes and Considerations: 1. Lower Switch Assembly should be assembled with Diaphragm on inside of hopper and the Seal and Switch Box Assembly on outside of hopper. Nuts should be suitably tightened. 2. Water-tight connectors must be used to install external wiring to switch box. 3. Black incoming power Wire should be connected to the switch “Common” terminal. 4. Load Black Wire should be connected to the “Normally Open” (NO) or the “Normally Closed” (NC) terminal depending on specific operation requirements. 5. White Wires should be terminated together with suitable connector. 6. Green Ground Wires should be attached to the ground stud inside box. Switch Adjustment Procedure The HS446 Poultry Feed Line Hopper Lower Switch requires adjustment after installation. This adjustment is made by turning the 10-32 Lock Nut above spring holding box. (Item 6 in Parts List) 1. Turn Adjustment Nut counter-clockwise until switch clicks. 2. Turn Adjustment Nut clockwise until switch clicks. 3. Then turn the Adjustment Nut counter-clockwise approximately ¾ of a turn.