GrowerSELECT - HS643A Drag Auger Drive Unit Installation Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA February 2019 2 Poultry Feeding System HS643A Field Installation Steps: 1. Remove parts from box. Put pinion on motor shaft and tighten with set screw on the flat of shaft. 2. Install Gearhead and all attached parts to motor with the two 5/16”-18 X 1 1/4” socket head cap screws. Make sure the solid Hex Plug is always on bottom of Gearhead and Vent Plug is on top of Gearhead. Gearhead must be filled with correct amount of specified 80-W90 Gear Oil prior to running system. Please see label on Gearhead for details. A bottle of oil is supplied with Drive Unit. Note: Failure to fill Gearhead with proper amount of Gear Oil or failure to use proper Type of Gear Oil can result in premature unit failure After filling Gearhead with proper type and amount of gear oil, vent plug should be assembled to the top of Gearhead. 3. Hang Motor and Gearhead in place. 4. Attach wear shoe and bottom plate over auger with four 1/4”-20 lock nuts. 5. Install end connectors on each end of the drive unit with four 1/4”-20 X 1/2” hex head bolts each.