GrowerSELECT - HS730 Series Stage Manager Controllers Installation Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA August 2017 2 Ventilation Systems Model Information and Specifications: There are two categories of models produced as a part of the HS730 Series of Stage Managers. HS730-XX model designation indicates unit has relay control only. For example HS730-88 has 8 relay cards that provide function for 8 inputs and 8 outputs controlled by a separate control signal. HS730-XSXR model designation indicates unit has combination of switch control and relay control. First two digits indicate the number of switch controls while the second two digits indicate the number of relay controls. For example HS730-2S4R has 2 switch controls and 4 relay controls. Dimensions: . Models Trade size A B C D E 1 to 2 Stages 8x6x4 8.44 6.44 5.35 4.00 8.75 4 to 8 Stages 14x12x6 14.58 12.58 7.38 10.00 14.75 9 to 12 Stages 18x16x10 18.91 16.91 11.42 14.00 18.75