GrowerSELECT - HS783 Fan Pulley Laser Alignment Kit Instruction Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA January 2019 1 Ventilation Systems HS783 Fan Pulley Laser Alignment Kit (Includes Spanish Version - Incluye versión en español) Overview: HS783 is designed to help align pulleys in large belt driven fans by using a Laser and Target. The rubber housing for the Laser is flexible enough to fit all common idler pulleys used in agricultural fans. Both the Target and Laser can be inserted into any Type A ½” V Belt Sheave or Pulley. General Notes: 1. It should only be necessary to align the pulley of the component that has been replaced, such as the motor pulley when motor is replaced. It is always a good practice to check alignment of pulleys when replacing components such as motors, props, tensioner, pulleys, or belts. These instructions are geared toward the majority of belt driven fans which have an idler pulley or tensioner pulley. The procedure is same of fans that have only a motor and prop pulley; simply align these two pulleys with Laser. 2. Important: Please make sure that all pulleys are generally in the same plane for alignment and one is not canted or bent at angle from others. How to Turn ON/OFF: 1. Laser should be pointed at an inanimate object such as a floor or wall when turning ON or OFF. This will allow you to see when Laser is actually On (or OFF). Turn the white plastic handle on Laser (see Figure 1) clockwise (CW), screwing it partially out of the bore sight housing, until Laser comes ON. 2. To turn Laser off after use, rotate white plastic handle counterclockwise (CCW) until Laser is off. Again remember to point at inanimate object so you can see when Laser turns off. Pulley/Belt Alignment (Figure 2) How to Use: 1. Turn ON the laser. 2. Place the laser housing assembly in the V-groove of the idler/tensioner pulley 3. Place the target in the Prop pulley V-groove with the yellow indicator facing the laser. 4. Adjust the Prop pulley on the shaft so that the red dot of the laser falls on the yellow indention of the target. 5. Be sure to tighten all bolts, nuts and set screws after alignment. 6. Recheck alignment after tightening to make sure nothing moved. 7. Place the laser housing assembly in the Prop pulley V-groove assembly, and place the target in the Motor pulley V-groove. FIGURE 1: LASER HOUSING ASSEMBLY Note: This is not a toy and should not be treated as such. Looking directly at Laser can cause serious eye injury. Never point Laser at anyone (including animals).