GrowerSELECT HSAB75 Extended Anchor Bearing Installation Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA September 2018 2 Extended Anchor Bearings Installation: The HSAB75E and HSAB75EC are intended to be used with feed bins installed in tandem systems with bins installed at equal elevation only. The extended anchor bearing package consists of two parts; the bearing assembly and an extended galvanized sleeve. Before assembly modify extended galvanized sleeve as follows. Special note : For new installation no baffle is required, for existing installation remove all baffles. 1. Measure distance between bins (A) as shown below in Figure 1. 2. If necessary, cut galvanized sleeve so that it extends 2” past second Unloader as shown below. (2” longer than measurement A) 3. Ensure there are no brazed joints along section of auger in contact with galvanized sleeve. To assemble, remove the two cap screws along with the auger lock from the anchor bearing (Figure 2) and slide the sleeve over the rotating shaft so that the hole patterns align. Secure the galvanized sleeve with the removed fasteners then insert the anchor bearing and galvanized sleeve assembly into the system as shown below. After insertion of the anchor bearing, insert the auger lock and tighten until auger is secure. Do not over tighten as auger will deform and be unable to rotate freely. Figure 1 Figure 2 A Part Number: HSMANUAL-014 Rev A3 HSART-166 Market: Hog Trl/ aw