GrowerSELECT - HSES-RA Round Style Evaporative Cooling System Ordering Information

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA July 2017 2 Evaporative Cooling System ORDERING INFORMATION Available Kits Base Kits Part Number Description Replaces HSES-RABK3 Base Kit 3' Round Style 527455A HSES-RABK4 Base Kit 4' Round Style 527455A HSES-RABK Base Kit 5' Round Style 527455A HSES-RABK6A Base Kit 6' Round Style 527455A Linear Kits HSES-RA10 Kit Evaporative Cooling Round Style 10' Length 527455A Plumbing Kits HSES-RAPK Plumbing Kit Round Style Evap With 10x10x8 Tee Tank 527455A Additional Parts 60900 Tee Sdr 35 8'' (SW) 609051 Coupler 8'' SDR 35 Sewer and Drain SW HSES-RA14 Cap Rubber 8" Round Style Trough Pumps H2P-115S Pump 1/2 HP 115V Sump H2 Evap System Grower Select MULTIPLE H2P-230S Pump 1/2 HP 230V Sump H2 Evap System Grower Select MULTIPLE Systems requiring brackets are replaceable also. Support brackets for GROWER SELECT systems are custom packaged for each individual order. REPLACEMENTS ARE ACCURATE FOR ENTIRE SYSTEM INSTALLATION. INDIVIDUAL REPLACEMENT KITS SHOULD BE VERIFIED IN AXAPTA