GrowerSELECT HSES Evaporative Cooling System Installation Manual Addendum

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA June 2018 Evaporative Cooling System HSES Evaporative Cooling System Installation Manual (Addendum - Usage of PVC Cement Weld-On 719) Important The supplied tube of PVC Cement (Weld·On® 719™) is a special Extra Heavy Bodied Slow Setting PVC Plastic Cement and is the only adhesive that should be used to assemble cooling system trough components together . It is a solvent based adhesive designed especially for gluing PVC components together. The substitution of other adhesives and/or silicon, acrylic, etc. (painter’s type) caulks will result in leakage over time. They are sealants and not adhesives. The supplied cement should be sufficient to glue applicable components but if additional cement is required; it can be obtained at any Hog Slat retail outlet under part number HSES-34. Part Number: HSMANUAL-019A (Addendum) Market - Hog & Poultry Product Group: Grower Select