GrowerSELECT - HSGR Series Auger Gearhead Installation Modification Instructions

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA August 2017 Grow-Flex ™ Feed System HSGR Series Gear Heads Installation Modification Instructions For Models 55, 75, 90 & HR The Gear Head is preassembled to motor for the more conventional application with the output shaft at top configuration as shown in Position “A” below. If the application requires alternate Gear Head location, it is permitted to position Gear Head so that shaft is at bottom (Position “B”). Position “A” Position “B” For the conventional gear head assembly application (Position A), remove the “temporary red plastic plug” and replace with provided “vent plug”. If using alternate gear head location (Position B), remove “temporary red plastic plug” at bottom of gear head. Remove solid 1/4” Hex Socket Pipe Plug from top of gear head and insert it into bottom of gear head. Make sure the Vent Plug is always on top of Gear Head and solid 1/4” Hex Socket Pipe Plug is always on bottom of Gear Head. These plugs are interchangeable. Gear Head is shipped without Gear Oil and must be filled with correct amount of specified 80-W90 Gear Oil prior to running system. Please see label on Gear Head for details. A bottle of GrowerSELECT oil, is supplied with Drive Unit. It is also available for separate sale at any Hog Slat or Georgia Poultry Retail Store and on-line. Note: Failure to fill Gear Head with proper amount of Gear Oil or failure to use proper Type of Gear Oil can result in premature unit failure. After filling Gearbox with proper type and amount of gear oil, vent plug must be assembled to the top of Gearbox. Part Number: HSMANUAL-094 Rev A1 Market: Hog & Poultry Temporary Red Plastic Plug 1/4” Hex Socket Pipe Plug 1/4” Hex Socket Pipe Plug