GrowerSELECT - HSSCK-100 & HSSCK-200 Series Pillow Block Conversion Instruction Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA August 2021 HSSCK-100 Pillow Block Conversion Kit for Airstorm Fans HSSCK-200 Pillow Block Conversion Kit for Windstorm Fan HSSCK-200A Pillow Block Conversion Kit for Acme® 54" BDR fans HSSCK-200B Pillow Block Conversion Kit for Acme® 48" BDR fans

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA August 2021 Installation Prior to any installation product should be inspected for any damage caused during shipping. Any damage found should be documented and communicated to liable parties. Operation Safety When fan is in operation no attempt should be made to service or interact with parts from the fan. Any attempt to interact with fan parts while the fan is operating could result in injury. Inlet and exit guards and or shutters are in place to help prevent foreign objects from entering inside the outer perimeter of the housing. If maintenance to the fan is required, interrupt the source of power to the motor and allow propeller to come to a complete stop before moving forward with any efforts to service. Maintenance Safety Wind Storm Fans are designed and built with operator safety in mind. Some safeguards must be disassembled or removed for the parts to be serviced or replaced. As this fan does have moving parts and is supplied with electrical power, steps must be taken to ensure safety around these presented hazards. READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE SERVICE OR PART REPLACEMENT 1. Read and understand the operating manual before trying to install or operate Wind Storm Fans. 2. Power supply should be turned OFF and LOCKED OUT for service to motor and electrical components. Use CAUTION in checking voltage or other procedures requiring power to be ON. 3. DO NOT attempt to bypass any safety features or devices to operate the fan. 4. Keep fan clean of all debris that may collect the motor, prop, and any bearings, belts, or pulleys. 5. Use CAUTION is working around all moving parts of the fan. Fan guards or shutters must be in place before fan can be safely started and operational.

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA August 2021 Installation BEARING SET SCREWS ARE SHIPPED LOOSE; THEY MUST BE TIGHTNED PRIOR TO OPERATION (SEEE STEP 9!) 1. Remove Prop from shaft taking special attention to retain spring pin or prop set screws. If spring pin is lost or prop is damaged replacement parts can be found and are called out in this manual. 2. Remove pulley from prop and retain for later use. New shaft keys are supplied with bearing conversion kits. a. For HSSCK-200A and HSSCK-200B remove split taper bushing from pulley as well and discard or retain for use on alternate fan. It should be noted that HSSCK-200A and HSSCK-200B conversion kits come with a shaft with a 1.00 Inch diameter on the pulley side. Correct Split taper bushing is provided with the kit to reuse OEM pulley, HOWEVER moving forward 1.00 Inch bore pulleys may be used as replacement PROVIDED PULLEY OD REMAINS THE SAME! IF PULLEYS CAN NOT BE REMOVED FROM SHAFT CONTACT YOUR LOCAL HOGSLAT/GEORGIA POULTRY STORE FOR REPLACEMENT INFORMATION. 3. Remove shaft assembly from uprights and discard. It may be beneficial to mark holes utilized for mounting for reference later in assembly. New mounting fasters are provided with the shaft conversion kits

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA August 2021 4. Inspect bearings assembly per image below. Fasteners should be hand tight at this time. Bearings Shims may not be necessary depending on assembly and may be required to be removed in later step if prop center is too high. If this is required they are notched so they can be removed without completely removing the hardware.

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA August 2021 5. Attach bearing assembly to uprights as shown below paying special attention to orientation as called out in image. Secure mounting fasteners completely. IF 2 SETS OF MOUNTING HOLES ARE PRESENT ON BEARING ASSEMBLY THE TOP MOST SET SHOULD BE UTILIZED! 6. Attach prop to shaft and secure with either spring pin or set screws. Ensure prop attached is completely secured. Check for prop alignment at this time. Remove shims if necessary and once prop is centered vertically and horizontally tighten hardware securing bearings completely.

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA August 2021 7. Attach pulley and split taper bushing to keyed end of the shaft as shown in the image below. Secure split taper bushing hardware. BE SURE TO TIGHTEN SET SCREW ON SPLIT TAPER BUSHING. Shaft should be flush with split taper bushing. 8. Align pulley with tension arm and motor pulley by moving the shaft forward or backward in the bearings. HS783 is a laser alignment aid that can be purchased from your local Hog Slat/Georgia Poultry Store.  DRIVE COMPONENTS ALIGNMENT o Proper alignment of pulleys, tension arms, etc... Is required to avoid excessive belt and drive component wear. Failure to maintain correct alignment during maintenance will void warranty of drive components  A straight edge or laser alignment device should be utilized to check for alignment of drive components 9. Once pulleys are properly aligned SECURE BEARING SET SCREWS! This completes installation

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA August 2021 Hog Slat Limited Warranty Hog Slat warrants products to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of original purchase. Hog Slat will credit, repair, or replace, at its option any product deemed defective within this time period. Labor costs associated with the replacement or repair of the product are not covered by the Seller/Manufacturer. Warranty Extension Coverage The Limited Warranty period is extended for the following products: Cool Cell System 5 Years (Less Pads and Pumps) Conditions and Limitations 1. The product must be installed by and operated in accordance with the instructions published by the Seller/Manufacturer or Warranty will be void. 2. Warranty is void if all components are not original equipment supplied by the Seller/Manufacturer. 3. This product must be purchased from and installed by an authorized retailer/distributor or certified representative thereof or the Warranty will be void. 4. Malfunctions or failure resulting from misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration, accident, or lack of proper maintenance shall not be considered defects under the Warranty. 5. This Warranty applies only to components/systems for the care of poultry and livestock. Other applications in industry or commerce are not covered by this Warranty. 6. This Warranty applies only to the Original Purchaser of the product. The Seller/Manufacturer shall not be liable for any Consequential or Special Damage which any purchaser may suffer or claim to suffer as a result of any defect in the product. “Consequential” or “Special Damages” as used herein include, but are not limited to, lost or damaged products or goods, costs of transportation, lost sales, lost orders, lost income, increased overhead, labor and incidental costs and operational inefficiencies. THIS WARRANTY CONSTITUTES THE SELLER/MANUFACTURER’S ENTIRE AND SOLE WARRANTY AND THIS MANUFACTURER EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES AS TO MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSES SOLD AND DESCRIPTION OR QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT FURNISHED HEREUNDER. Hog Slat Retailers/Distributors are not authorized to modify or extend the terms and conditions of this Warranty in any manner or to offer or grant any other warranties for Hog Slat products in addition to those terms expressly stated above. An officer of Hog Slat must authorize any exceptions to this Warranty in writing. The Seller/Manufacturer reserves the right to change models and specifications at any time without notice or obligation to improve previous models.

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA August 2021 This equipment must be installed in accordance with all State and Local Codes and applicable Regulations which should be followed in all cases. Authorities having jurisdiction should be consulted before installations are made. Hog Slat, Inc. PO Box 300 Newton Grove, NC 28366 Phone: (910) 594-0219 Fax: (910) 594-1392 Copyright © 2021 by Hog Slat, Inc. Part Number: HSMANUAL261 Rev A1 Market - Hog & Poultry Product Group: Grower Select