GrowerSELECT - M90 Restrictor Baffles Installation Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA July 2017 1 Feed Systems Installation Instructions for GrowerSelect M90 Restrictor Baffles General Installation Notes: • Make sure that power is disconnected from system prior to servicing. • Installation of this equipment and related OEM equipment should be in accordance with these instructions, OEM’s installation instructions and local codes (if applicable). Failure to follow specified instructions may cause damage to equipment and/or personal injury or death. • Take special note of any Warnings or Safety Decals on the equipment and in manuals. • Always wear protective clothing and any applicable Personal Protective Equipment (Safety Glasses and/or Ear Plugs) when working with the equipment. • Discarded materials, equipment and boxes should be recycled in accordance with local and national codes. • Unless otherwise specified, all Feed Delivery Systems (Diameters) are installed similarly. IMPORTANT: Restrictor baffles must be used in all bulk feed bins to prevent auger overloading. Install restrictor baffles only when bulk feed bin is empty. M90 Single Unloader Restrictor Baffle Assembly Installation: • Single Restrictor Baffle Assembly (HS557-7) should be assembled per above illustration noting direction of material flow. • Single Restrictor Baffle Assembly is supplied with the Cover Plate assembled to provide the widest opening. This should be used when greatest amount of agitation is needed and used in conjunction with agitator ball. • Cover Plate can be adjusted by partially or fully covering agitator ball opening to further refine flow and restriction characteristics. M90 Twin Unloader Restrictor Baffle Installation: • Twin Restrictor Baffles HS557-11 (Short) and HS557-12 (Long) should be assembled per above illustration noting direction of material flow. Short Baffle should be assembled on inlet or anchor bearing end of unloader. • Agitator ball can be used depending on feed type and agitation requirements.