Hog Slat - HS588 24VDC Pit Scraper System Controller Installation Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA May 2017 2 Pit Scraper Systems Operation: Manual Mode To operate scraper in manual mode, rotate MAN/AUTO switch to “MAN” position. The scraper will move in the direction selected by the “FWD/REV” switch. The scraper will continue as long as the switch is in the MAN mode, direction is selected, and the scraper blade has not contacted the limit switch in which it was traveling toward. To change direction of scraper blade, simply change direction selection on “FWD/REV” switch. If motor does not operate on initial selection of “MAN” mode and direction selected, then it is likely the scraper is already activating the limit switch for that direction of operation. Changing direction to opposite setting will start motor. AUTO Mode In Automatic mode, the scraper motor will operate based on the 24HR timer. Output of the 24HR timer (See SET- UP) is used to signal the start of a scraper cycle. Once triggered with “ON” event, the scraper will travel to the opposite end of the barn. The scraper will stop movement once it has contacted the limit switch or The “MAX RUN” timer has timed out. Once the scraper has stopped, it will remain stopped until the next “OFF” event has been activated which will reverse motor rotation and bring the scraper back to the starting or “HOME” position. To begin AUTO mode, the scraper blade must be in the “HOME” position. SET-UP Initial Set-up (Verification of Limit Switch arrangement and Motor rotation) Since arrangement of the pit scraper system can vary, limit switch initial identification and motor rotation upon installation is difficult, however it is easy to verify the correct limit switch is in the correct position or motor rotation is correct. There are two inputs for limit switch connections (see Wiring Instructions). Each limit switch is identified as Limit #1 or Limit # 2. Limit Switch #1 is intended to be the switch that is activated when the scraper returns to the starting position or the “HOME” position. It is important to identify the wall and pit location that will be the “HOME” location. Verify Limit Switches are wired in the correct position and motor rotation is correct by performing the following: READ BELOW INSTRUCTIONS FULLY BEFORE ATTEMPTING 1. Manually move the scraper away from end wall a minimum of 6FT [2M]. 2. Make sure there are no “ON” events present on the 24HR timer, switch controller to “AUTO” position. 3. The scraper will automatically return to the “HOME” position. If the scraper is not traveling toward the wall that was identified as the “HOME” wall, stop scraper system, disconnect power and swap “RED” and “BLACK” wires at the input terminals #9 and #11 from motor connections to change motor rotation. (See Wiring Instructions – Figure 5 ). 4. Re-connect power and repeat step #2. Scraper direction should have changed and now be traveling toward “HOME” wall.