Hog Slat - HS741 Cannonball Guard Baffle Installation Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA May 2016 1 Feed Systems Installation Manual for Cannonball Guard Includes Spanish Version General Installation and Safety Notes: • Make sure that power is disconnected from the system prior to servicing. • Take special note of any Warnings or Safety Decals on the equipment and in manuals. • Always wear protective clothing and any applicable Personal Protective Equipment (Safety Glasses and/or Ear Plugs) when working with the equipment. Overview: The HS741 is a baffle kit to be installed in the Twin M75 and M90 Unloaders used in Single Bin 30° applications. Its purpose is to act as a guard to prevent the Cannonball contained in the Boot Assembly from damaging the frame. Instructions: 1. MAKE SURE ALL POWER HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED FROM THE ASSEMBLY. 2. Remove the Access Covers from the sides of Unloader by unscrewing the fasteners. 3. Place the Serrated Flange Bolts through the holes of one of the Cannonball Guards included in the HS741 Baffle Kit. 4. Slide the bolts through the holes in the Divider so that the Cannonball Guard is mated to the Divider. The Cannonball Guard should be oriented so that the flange with no holes is pointed downslope toward the back panel of the Unloader. 5. Attach the remaining Cannonball Guard to the other side of the Divider so that its orientation mirrors that of its counterpart. 6. Tighten the Serrated Flange nuts onto the bolts to secure the Cannonball Guards. 7. Secure the Access Covers back onto the Unloader using the original fasteners.