Vantek - 803 Epoxy Gel Adhesive Info Sheet

VANTEK Concrete Restoration and Protection Recommended Usage Industrial repair of spalled concrete, holes, cracks and thresholds or uneven concrete slabs. Use to re-set metal bolts, anchors, posts and dams. Also used as a structural adhesive. Not recommended for expansion joints. Coverage Coverage is dependent on hole or crack size. One 7.5 fl. Oz. (250 ml) cartridge set will repair approximately 9.1 linear ft. 1/4” x 1/4” (15.2 cubic inches). Cure Schedule Pot life (100-gram mass) 5 - 10 minutes @ °F Initial Cure 1 - 2 hour @ 77°F Recoat or topcoat 1 – 2 hours @ 77°F 803 Epoxy Gel is a fast-set 100% epoxy polymer paste in a dual cartridge system. Production Description Vantek 803 Epoxy Gel & Adhesive • Easy to use dual or single cartridges, no separate mixing necessary. • 1/8” Size static mixing nozzles provide easy application, can be cut to larger diameter. • Individually capped resin and hardener allows for saving of partial dual cartridges. • Low odor during application and cure - can be used in occupied facilities. • Can be used in both interior and exterior applications. • Fast set provides rapid turn around. Advantages VANTEK CRP | NEWTON GROVE, NC | VANTEKCRP.COM MARCH 2024 • Substrate temperature must be a minimum of 50°F (10°C) . • Substrate must be free of dirt, waxes, curing agents, and other foreign materials. • Should not be installed on green concrete (30-day cure recommended unless otherwise approved). • Should not be used where a semi-rigid or flexible joint filler material is required. Consideration • 250 ml uni-cartridge with mix tube (12/cs) (#VTK3005) • Spare mix tube (#VTK3006) Packaging Information The product is mixed as it spirals its way through the static mixing tip. It is beneficial to discard a portion at the beginning to avoid unmixed material being used. Mixing For Best Results • Warm epoxy to 70°-85° F (19°-29° C) before use • New concrete must cure for at least 30 days @ 70°F (21°C). • DO NOT thin EPOXY. • Discard any material subjected to freezing. • DO NOT apply to structurally unsound surfaces. • Apply a test patch to ensure adhesion. Use N1 Solvent or Xylol or authorized solvent to clean tools immediately after installation. Clean Up

Vantek warrants for a period of one (1) year that its products will be free of manufacturing defects and will be in conformity with published specifications when handled, stored, mixed, and applied in accordance with recommendations of Vantek. If any product fails to meet this warranty, the liability of Vantek will be limited to replacement of any non-conforming material if notice of such nonconformity is given to Vantek within (1) one year of delivery of materials. Vantek may in its discretion refund the price received by Vantek in lieu of replacing the material. No customer, distributor, or representative of Vantek is authorized to change or modify the published specifications of this warranty in any way. No one is authorized to make oral warranties on behalf of Vantek. In order to obtain replacement or refund the customer must provide written notice containing full details of the non-conformity. Vantek reserves the right to inspect the non-conforming material prior to replacement. EXCEPT FOR THE EXPRESSED WARRANTY STATED ABOVE, THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PURPOSE. VANTEK'S OBLIGATION SHALL NOT EXTEND BEYOND THE OBLIGATIONS EXPRESSLY UNDERTAKEN ABOVE AND VANTEK SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY TO THE PURCHASER OR ANY THIRD PARTY FOR ANY LOSS, COST, EXPENSE, DAMAGE OR LIABILITY, WHETHER DIRECT OR INDIRECT, OR FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Limited Warranty VANTEK Concrete Restoration and Protection Vantek 803 Epoxy Gel & Adhesive VANTEK CRP | NEWTON GROVE, NC | VANTEKCRP.COM MARCH 2024 Dispenser Assembly To assemble, hold tubes with tip facing upward. First, remove the protective cap from the tube set. Next, remove the inner cap. Finally, slip the screw collar over the tip and tighten on the tube set and then place the tube set into the tube applicator gun. Application To anchor bolts, dowels and pins – Place the mixed material around the item. To seal cracks – Place the mixed material over the cracks and press into the crack using a margin trowel. Spreading the epoxy a little on each side of the crack makes a more secure seal. For tight cracks opening them with a beveled grinding disk enables more epoxy to be placed in the crack for a more secure bond. As structural adhesive – Apply the mixed material to the prepared substrates. Work into the substrate for positive adhesion. Secure the substrates firmly until the epoxy has cured. Precautions Carefully read product labels, application guidelines and Safety Data Sheet before using all products. Contact with liquids may cause irritation. Use appropriate safety gear including eye protection. Must allow adequate ventilation. • DO NOT POINT TUBES UPWARD AFTER THE MIXING NOZZLE HAS BEEN ATTACHED AND PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISPENSED AS THIS MAY CAUSE MATERIAL TO FLOW BACK INTO THE TUBES AND CAUSE CLOGGING OR GELATION. • Because of the quick cure time for this product, it is best to work with one small area at a time. If the material is allowed to stand for more than 1-2 minutes after initial use, then the material in the static mixing nozzle will cure. If the material in the mixing nozzle is allowed to cure, then the nozzle must be removed and a new nozzle attached. • When applying material in cold areas, make sure the surface is clean and dry. Limitations