Vantek - V-Krete Leveller Information Sheet

VANTEK Concrete Restoration and Protection • Resurfacing of floors and pavements • Micro toppings/Thin bonded overlays • Airport runways • Bridge deck surfaces • Industrial concrete floor repair Features • Fast Setting: Structures can be opened for pedestrian traffic in less than 1-hour, vehicular traffic in less than 3 hours • Very low shrinkage • Low permeability and improved overall durability • Excellent resistance to freeze/thaw • Excellent workability VANTEK CRP | NEWTON GROVE, NC | VANTEKCRP.COM APRIL 2024 Yield • 1/8 – in ~33 Sq. ft. • 1/4 – in ~17 Sq. ft. • 1/2 – in ~8.5 Sq. ft. LEVELER is a two-component, rapid setting, low shrinkage mortar that is used to overlay existing pavements and floors. LEVELER is mixed with AR ACRYLIC RESIN on site and is placed with suitable placement equipment and finished to the desired texture. For applications thicker than 1-inch, the mortar should be extended with 3/8-inch clean aggregate such as pea gravel. Typical use is 1-gallon of ACRYLIC RESIN mixed 1:1 with water for priming and admix per 50 lb. bag. Production Description Where to Use V-KRETE LEVELER Time of Setting- min. at 72° F (22° C) Initial Set: 20-30 Final Set: 35-45 Unit Weight: 50 lbs. (22.7 kg) Compressive Strength- 2-in cubes 3 Hour – 3,160 psi (21.8 MPa) 1 Day - 7,400 psi (51 MPa) 7 Day - 9,000 psi (62.1 MPa) 28 Day - 10,150 psi (70.0 MPa) Shear Bond Strength- 3-in by 6-in Cylinders 3 Hour - 850 PSI (5.9 MPa) 24 Hour - 1,350 PSI (9.3 MPa) Flexural Strength- 1 Day – 1,350 PSI (9.3 MPa) 28 Day – 1,700 PSI (11.7 MPa) Technical Data Clean Up Clean tools and equipment with clean water immediately after use. Cured material must be removed mechanically. Packaging • 50 lb. bag (#VTK1010) Shelf Life & Storage • 12 mos. properly stored • Store in a dry and clean area Application Temp. Range • 50° F to 90° F (Hot weather placement procedures recommended above 90° F Surface Preparation: Prepare the substrate by removing old coatings, surface contaminants and debris. Profile the substrate to insure an adequate bond. Priming with ACRYLIC RESIN is advisable to wet the surface until SSD (surface saturated dry). Spray or roll coat the resin or water uniformly without puddling. Mixing: When using 50-pound bags, begin by placing approximately 2 quarts of ACRYLIC RESIN mix into the mixer. Add the mortar mix into the mixer and begin mixing. Add 1-quart ACRYLIC RESIN mix to the mix slowly, so the mortar wets out evenly. Mix for 2-3 minutes until consistency is achieved. If more fluid consistency is desired, add up to but no more than 1 quart of mix liquids to the blend. Normally you mix one bag with up to 1 gallon of ACRYLIC RESIN mix. For thinner layers, add up to 1 quart of resin mix. Typically two layers of up to 1/2” thickness each are placed using a squeegee and trowel. Tapered rounded edge asphalt sealer squeegee or magic trowel can be used for application. Note: LEVELER is semi-self-leveling as it’s a flowable/fluid consistency. Application Vantek warrants for a period of one (1) year that its products will be free of manufacturing defects and will be in conformity with published specifications when handled, stored, mixed, and applied in accordance with recommendations of Vantek. If any product fails to meet this warranty, the liability of Vantek will be limited to replacement of any non-conforming material if notice of such nonconformity is given to Vantek within (1) one year of delivery of materials. Vantek may in its discretion refund the price received by Vantek in lieu of replacing the material. No customer, distributor, or representative of Vantek is authorized to change or modify the published specifications of this warranty in any way. No one is authorized to make oral warranties on behalf of Vantek. In order to obtain replacement or refund the customer must provide written notice containing full details of the non-conformity. Vantek reserves the right to inspect the non-conforming material prior to replacement. EXCEPT FOR THE EXPRESSED WARRANTY STATED ABOVE, THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PURPOSE. VANTEK'S OBLIGATION SHALL NOT EXTEND BEYOND THE OBLIGATIONS EXPRESSLY UNDERTAKEN ABOVE AND VANTEK SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY TO THE PURCHASER OR ANY THIRD PARTY FOR ANY LOSS, COST, EXPENSE, DAMAGE OR LIABILITY, WHETHER DIRECT OR INDIRECT, OR FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Limited Warranty Curing/Protection No curing necessary. Protect fresh mix from traffic until the surface is strong enough to withstand loads without scarring