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Hog Slat's People Spotlight

Donna Bardwell, GP Mississippi Regional Retail Manager

Donna Bardwell, Georgia Poultry Mississippi Regional Retail Manager

A company is only as good as it’s people, and the Georgia Poultry team has some of the best in the business. Donna Bardwell brings years of poultry experience to her position as Georgia Poultry’s Regional Retail Manager in Mississippi.

After moving to Mississippi, Donna got her start in the poultry business on her uncle’s broiler farm. Along with caring for chickens during the evenings and weekends, she also worked on her uncle’s crew performing service work and repairs.

Donna became a supervisor for her uncle’s crew and eventually took over the business operating as B&B Contractors. Donna commented, “We installed every brand of chicken equipment made, in all types of buildings all over Mississippi.”


Georgia Poultry store in Summit, Mississippi

Georgia Poultry store in Summit, MS

In July 2006, Donna joined Georgia Poultry as the first employee hired in Mississippi. Starting by managing the Summit store location, she then assisted with opening three new locations over the next few years. Promoted to Regional Retail Manager in 2010, she set up an additional two locations, for a total of six stores in Mississippi, which she currently manages.






“My favorite part of the job is troubleshooting equipment problems,” Donna said. “If a customer, store manager, or even a service tech has a difficult question, I enjoy jumping in and finding a solution. I’ve seen almost everything imaginable during the years I spent installing equipment and managing stores.”



Grower Select 2x6 ®

“One of best things we have done at Georgia Poultry,” she continued, “was develop the GrowerSELECT line. It’s good equipment, it’s priced right, and it has a great warranty. With GrowerSELECT equipment, we can resolve a problem quicker, because there isn’t a third party vendor involved.”


Assembled feed bins at Bay Springs store.

Assembled feed bins at Bay Springs, MS store.



“We just recently started assembling our company’s new feed bins at the Bay Springs location. They have been a big hit; customers like the heavier steel construction and thicker galvanized coating on the new bins, and they really appreciate the lower price too.”






Donna and John Ware pulling feed bin parts at the Bay Springs, MS Georgia Poultry location.

“Georgia Poultry has a great group of people in Mississippi. Everyone including outside sales reps, store managers, inside salespeople and service techs work together to make sure customers are satisfied with our products and services.”

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