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Ear Tag Accessories

Destron Fearing™ accessories for application, removal and marking of identification ear tags. Use the applicator to quickly and accurately apply ear tags, the removal knife for quickly and safely detaching ear tags and the patented applicator pen to permanently mark the tags yourself. The DTR5-45 RFID electronic ID ear tag reader provides quick identification and features that make tracking your livestock easier than ever. 

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Destron Fearing™ EZ Knife™

Use the EZ Knife™ to quickly, safely and easily remove animal identification tags.

Destron Fearing™ ProGrip™ 2 Applicator

Use the ProGrip™ 2 applicator to quickly and accurately attach animal ID tags to livestock.

Destron Fearing™ ProGrip™ 2 Replacement Pins

Destron Fearing™ Ear Tagger ProGrip™ 2 Replacement Pins
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Destron Fearing™ Super Mark™ Pen

The Super Mark™ Pen contains special ink to permanently mark Destron Fearing™ animal identification tags.

Destron Fearing™ Standard Stud - Black

Black standard stud for use with Destron Fearing™ Duflex® livestock ear tags.