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Re-discovering the JT Easton Bait Station

Sometimes we just forget about a good tool or product.  New things come along  or we focus on different items.  That is what happened with this great little bait station from JT Eaton.

The official name from JT Eaton is the Top Loader Bait Station.  We have always referred to it as “that T-Bait Station”.  It is not new…..just maybe a little forgotten.

It is the most versatile bait station a producer can deploy against mice and rats.  It will fit almost anywhere….on top of fences, against walls, up in the rafters,  strap it to a fence…..and my favorite, strapped  with nylon ties to the feed line pipes going into a poultry or swine house.

bait station on feed tube

It comes with two tabs on the bottom making it easy to screw the station down to wood; like the top of fences, rafters, walls, etc.    One idea that we saw recently was to mount a station to a short length of 2 x 6.   This producer was able to place this “improved station” on top of the rock along the building.  He liked this much better than using a rod driven into the soil.  He does not have to pull the rod up to shake out debris and old bait.

It also has two mounting brackets that are excellent for holding down the T station with nylon tie or wire. Wrap a nylon tie around the top to hold it against a fence.

It is easy to load, remove the top and find a bat-holding rod attached below it.  Remove the wing nut on the bottom and up to five bait blocks will fit on the rod.  These hang down and as the bottom block is chewed away, another slides down to take its place. (Shop Hog Slat for Mice/Rat Baits)

Rodents readily go into the station because they can see through from either end.  They can clearly see the bait hanging down and an escape route beyond it. 

The Top Loader Station measures 11-1/2” high x 15-1/4” long and only 3” wide.  It is an effective way to place rodenticides in any operation.

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