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Valco® poultry nipples for broiler and breeder chickens, filters, regulators, standpipes and accessories.

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VAL Water Filter & Accessories

VAL Water Filter & Accessories for Poultry Drinking Systems
From $4.91

Valco Water Filter Cartridge

Polystring water filter cartridge for Valco water filter unit. 30 micron.

Valco® Diaphragm

Replacement diaphragm for Val-Co® regulators.

Valco® EZ Flush Intake Kit

Easily flush water lines with the EZ Flush intake kit. Works will all standard Valco diaphragm regulators.

Valco® Flush End Assemblies

Available with Flexible, Rigid or Folding Standpipes.
From $14.84

Valco® Pivot - New Style

Pivot for Valco® new style regulator.

Valco® Standpipe Balls for Rigid & Flex Tube

Valco® Standpipe Balls for Rigid & Flex Tube poultry drinking system
From $0.72

Valco® Standpipe Kits

Includes Tube, Shut-off, ball and cap
From $15.10

Valco® V-MAX VR-202 Regulator

Recommended for floor systems.

Valco® VR-202 Regulator Body only

Replacement body only for Valco® regulator.

Valco® VR-202 Top Cover

Top cover for Valco® VR202 regulator.

Valco® Water Line Drip Cup

Drip cup that snaps on to Valco® poultry waterlines to catch water drops from drinking nipples.