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Hog Slat® Gro40 Brooder - Direct Spark Ignition
Hog Slat® Gro40 direct spark ignition brooder (DSI) features improved corrosion resistance and dual fuel capabilities (LP & NG).
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Improved with a corrosion resistant stainless steel burner and enclosed ignition control.

The new style 40,000 btu Gro40 brooder by Hog Slat features an aluminum canopy to efficiently reflect heat, a stainless steel burner for better corrosion resistance and maintenance friendly features that help minimize downtime and extend the life of your heaters. This direct spark ignition (DSI) model features an adjustable dual fuel gas valve and an enclosed 3 try ignition control. Easily change fuel types by flipping the regulator and changing burning orifices. 

DSI Model Can Save Up to 5.8 Gallons of Propane Per Day!
The Gro40 DSI brooder saves fuel that would normally be used for the 
pilot flame - fuel that's currrently used 24 hours a day, even when there is no call for heat.
In fact, a broiler house with 14 brooders can use over 5.8 gallons of fuel per 24 hour period
just to keep pilot flames lit.

Dual Fuel Gas Valve
Direct spark ignition models come standard
with a dual fuel regulator (blue cap) to easily
convert between gas types by
just flipping the regulator and
changing the orifice.

Enclosed Connections
Enclosed terminal connections on the dual fuel
gas valve help protect against corrosion from
environmental factors and moisture after wash down. 
GRO40 Enclosed Connection Gas Valve Assembly
Enclosed Ignition Control
The 3 try Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) control
module is protected by a washdown resistant
plastic enclosure located above the brooder canopy.
Hog Slat® Gro40 DSI Brooder Ignition Control Enclosure Image
Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) System 
3 try ignitor sparks to directly light the burner.
No standing pilot to clog up, blow out or waste fuel.  
Hog Slat® Gro40 DSI Brooder Ignitor Image
Gro40 Maintenance Friendly Burner
The main burner orifice is quickly accessed by sliding back the
quick release bracket located at the bottom of the stainless steel
burner. The flat safety pan helps shield litter directly below
the brooder.  
Gro40 Brooders Maintenance Friendly Burner Image

Gro40 Brooder Specifications

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