Hog Slat® Gro40 Brooders LP - Pilot Ignition
Pilot Zone Control Model
Price: €192.76
Item#: GRO40-CR-L2
Individual Thermostat Control - Modulating
Price: €188.02
Item#: GRO40-CR-L3
Individual Thermostat Control
Price: €192.76
Item#: GRO40-CR-L9

Improved with a stainless steel burner for better corrosion protection. 

The new style 40,000 btu propane (LP) Gro40 brooder by Hog Slat features an aluminum canopy to efficiently reflect heat, a stainless steel burner for better corrosion resistance and maintenance friendly features that help minimize downtime and extend the life of your heaters. Available in a zone control model or individual thermostat controlled model. Brooders can be configured to use Natural Gas or LP by switching the gas valves and orifices.

Brooder Control Options
Model    Type Description Quantity Discount*
GRO40-CR-L2                                     Zone Control
(Single or Multi) 

For single or multi-zone installations using central or multiple thermostats. 24-volt, AC, zone-type control also can operate on DC voltage as a back up. The gas valve includes a built-in regulator. A 24-volt power supply is required. Brooder can be operated by a 24-volt thermostat, computer or an environmental controller. 100% gas safety shut-off valve.

Buy 8+ @ $212.00/ea.

GRO40-CR-L3 Individual Control
Modulating Hi/Low

A modulating type HI/LO control with integral thermostat. No electrical supply
is needed. Upon call for heat, the valve will open from pilot to low fire
(approximately 25,000 Btu/hr) and modulate between low and high fire
(40,000 Btu/hr) as necessary to maintain desired temperature setting. As the
thermostat is being satisfied, the valve will modulate down to low fire and then
drop to pilot upon being satisfied. 100% gas safety shut-off valve.

Buy 8+ @ $207.00/ea.


Individual Control
Automatic On/Off 

An individual, non-electric, fully automatic ON/OFF control with integral
thermostat which operates on millivolts generated by the pilot. No electrical
supply is needed. Integral thermostat features a wide temperature range for
easy adjustment. 100% gas safety shut-off valve.

Buy 8+ @ $212.00/ea.

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Patented WindBuster™ Pilot
The WindBuster Pilot System not only enhances flame stability but
provides dependable ignition for virtually trouble-free operation, even
with wind speeds up to 7 mph (11.2 km). 
Gro40 WindBuster™ Pilot Closeup Image
WindBuster™ Pilot Removal
The WindBuster™ piot shield is easily removed for quick access
to the pilot orifice.  
Gro40 Brooder WindBuster™ Pilot Shield Removal Image
Gro40 Maintenance Friendly Burner
The main burner orifice is quickly accessed by sliding back the
quick release bracket located at the bottom of the stainless steel
burner. The flat safety pan helps shield litter directly below
the brooder.  
Gro40 Brooders Maintenance Friendly Burner Image

Gro40 Brooder Specifications

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