Hog Slat offers a complete line of economical hog penning and gating equipment. Penning features 1/8" x 1-1/2" top angle, solid 1/2" horizontal rod and a beefy 3/4" solid rod bottom rail. 2" uprights are standard, with 1-1/2" available on request.

Hog Slat panels are treated before painting to remove rust, grease and scale. Powder epoxy paint is electro-statically applied and baked on for a long lasting finish. Powder coat paint provides a superior protection versus the dipped or sprayed paint finishes used by other manufacturers.

A complete line of bolt-on legs, posts and other fasteners offer producers a truly modular system that can be configured to any style of pen design.

Hog Slat penning is available in the following standard sizes:

Size Purpose
31.5" - 7 rod Nursery
36" - 8 rod Special Wean/Finish
40" - 6 rod Standard Gestation/Breeding
40" - 9 rod Special Gestation for Wean/Gilt Development
Hog Slat Penning