Hog Slat - Swine Steel Housing Equipment Brochure

2 SWINE STEEL HOUSING EQUIPMENT Gestation Stalls Hog Slat gestation stall equipment provides pork producers with the ability to house pregnant sows before and during gestation while effectively managing their feed intake, body condition and well-being. Quality Design Hog Slat gestation stalls incorporate design features perfected over 30+ years of manufacturing and are trusted by pork producers around the world for their sow housing needs. • 1-1/2” angle top and bottom frame, ½” horizontal rods and strategically spaced vertical upright supports along the panel creates a strong stall that can handle large, full grown sows. Also available with solid rod bottom, and stainless steel legs and floor spacers. • Integrated feed drop tube pipe delivers feed from the sow drop system directly in front of each pig and will work with both floor feeding and stainless steel trough feeding setups. Also available with bolt on feed pipe. • Front and rear stall gates are available with trapped in gate rod; or tab/ pipe combination that provides gate rods with additional protection. Rear stall gates feature EZ-Clip latch that allows the gate to be opened to the left or to the right to facilitate easy loading and un-loading in the barn. • Hog Slat sow bowls and SowMAX feeders can be installed on straight front stall gates, providing producers with the ability to offer ad-lib feeding or post-farrowing sows before being bred. Hog Slat gestation stalls feature a bolt- together design that saves on installation time and maintenance costs over the lifespan of our equipment Our “NO-WELD” stall installation design uses pre-punched top bar spacers and floor spacers; resulting in faster and straighter assembly than competitive models welded on-site. Durable solid steel construction is built to last; available with either our signature blue powder-coat epoxy paint or hot-dipped galvanized finishes. Reduced Cost to You No-Weld Installation Quality Finish EZ-Clip Latch The EZ-Clip latch traps the gate rods, preventing rods to pull completely out. Trapped Pin Latch