Hog Slat - TriDek Flooring Information Flyer

Hog Slat is the only Hog equipment manufacturer to offer resistance welded TriDEK floors. A galvanized triangular bar (TriDEK) flooring system that is used in nursery and farrowing applications. TriDEK floors are manufactured from rolled steel rod which has a tensile strength of 80,000 psi and hardness of 95 Rb. After being cut to length, the finished rolled TriDEK rods are then resistance welded to a 13/32” diameter cross rod. Hog Slat is the only manufacturer to offer resistance welded metal flooring solutions for the swine industry. The advantages of resistance welding versus MIG welding are: • Weld consistency • Weld strength • Floor cleanliness Resistance Welded • Resistance welded TriDEK floors have an average weld strength of 7,500+ pounds, where traditional MIG welded floors average 5,500 pounds. • Resistance welding produces superior weld consistency and strength compared to MIG welded metal flooring. • Triangle bar shape and consistent resistance welded joints make TriDEK the cleanest metal pig flooring on the market today. Size & Finish Options • TriDEK flooring can be manufactured up to 2.5’ wide and up to 14’ long • Smooth or dimpled surface (no-slip) options • Standard flat deck or traction-break deck top (for sows) designs • Self-supported or non-supported designs available to fit different barn designs Triangular surface bars make it the cleanest floor! • It stays cleaner – easiest to clean between groups • Cleaner than the other floors on the market All TRIDEK Flooring is RESISTANCE WELDED for superior strength. Multiple surface options • Smooth or No-Slip Dimpled surface to provide your preferred level of traction. • Standard flat deck or optional traction breaks. 1-800-949-4647 | www.hogslat.com | World Leader in Swine Production Solutions TRI Flooring Systems TriDEK is manufactured in the US.