Hog Slat - TriDek Flooring Information Flyer

No-Slip Grip Indentions • .5” x .025” indentions spaced every 5/16” on TriDEK flooring surface • Grip indentions provide additional traction to support sow footing • No-slip is primarily used in farrowing rooms • No-slip grip indentions are optional on all TriDEK flooring styles TriDEK Specifications • Resistance welded TriDEK flooring is stronger than traditional MIG welded metal farrowing floor options. • Triangular Rod Dimensions: 1/3” x 1/3” x 1/3” • Rod Opening Spacing: 3/8” • Finish: Hot-dipped galvanized to ASTM A123/A standards for long lasting protection and resistance to corrosion. Self-Supported Self-Supported TriDEK floors have a truss system that eliminates the need for floor frames or other support methods. TriDEK self-supported floors can be used to span up to 12’ without additional support. The standard 30” wide floor has 4 truss supports, but custom floor widths and truss supports are available. Non-Supported Non-Supported TriDEK flooring does not have a truss system in place to support the flooring structure. Non-Supported Tridek requires support beams or frames. Same options are available as the self supported TriDEK model. Traction Breaks • 5” wide by 3/8” deep indentions in the flooring help support the sow while standing and sitting • Traction breaks create a variation in the flooring surface to reduce slippage and possible injury to the sow • TriDEK flooring is available in both support styles, with or without traction breaks installed • Traction breaks are not used in TriDEK nursery flooring applications TriDEK metal flooring sections are available in many different sizes and designs to provide durable floor solutions in both nursery and farrowing barn facilities. 1-800-949-4647 | www.hogslat.com | World Leader in Swine Production Solutions TRI Flooring