GrowerSELECT AS-36E Series Airstorm Fiberglass Fan Installation Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA November 2019 16 Air Storm Fans VFD Initial Set Up. The following settings should be input to the drive initially. The start source, standard reference, and minimum frequency setting should be adjusted following minimum ventilation testing. In order to adjust the settings, provide power to the drive and depress the blue M button to access the set point menu. Example is provided below. To access/change settings depress blue M button, using the up and down arrows scroll until desired setting is on the display screen, Depress the blue M button to select the setting, using the up and down arrow keys input desired value. Once desired value is displayed depress the blue M butting again to save the setting. Use up and down arrows to advance to next setting. Setting 60Hz (208-240V) Supply 50Hz (208-240V) Supply P100 Start Control Source 0 0 P101 Standard Reference Source 0 0 P102 Minimum Frequency 30 30 P103 Maximum Frequency 60 50 P104 Acceleration Time 7 7 P105 Deceleration Time 7 7 P110 Start Method 5 5 P152 Scaling Frequency 60 50 P161 Speed at Max Frequency 60 50 P302 Motor Rated Voltage 230 220 P303 Motor Rated Current FLA from Motor @230V 60HZ FLA from Motor @ 220V 50Hz P304 Motor Rated Frequency 60 50 P305 Motor Rated Speed RPM from Motor @60Hz RPM from Motor @ 50Hz TO RESET DRIVE TO FACTORY SETTINGS CHANGE SETTING P199 TO 03 (For 60 Hz) OR 04 (For 50 Hz)