GrowerSELECT AS-36E Series Airstorm Fiberglass Fan Installation Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA November 2019 17 Air Storm Fans Minimum Ventilation Testing The following steps should be taken BEFORE ANIAMALS ARE PLACED! If two drives are present both drives must be set up and tested simultaneously. Provide power to drive(s) and press the green Run button on both drive(s) Ensure fan(s) are operating and rotating correct direction. 30 Hz should be displayed on drive(s) Manually adjust the vents to the desired opening for minimum ventilation. Adjust fan(s) speed using the up and down arrows ensuring to adjust both units (if 2 drives are present) until the desired static pressure is reached. Note the setting! This is now the minimum frequency setting for minimum ventilation. Depress the Red stop button Following the same method from above adjust the following settings for all supply voltages and frequencies P100 Start Control Source Set to (1) Terminal Strip P101 Standard Reference Source Set to (1) 0-10VDC Terminal Strop P102 Minimum Frequency Set to frequency determined above in minimum ventilation testing If two drives are present ensure both drives are set up the same. Drive set up is now complete and is set to automatic mode (controlled via whole house controller) *The 0-10 Volt signal supplied from the whole house controller must be modified (scaled) appropriately based on minimum ventilation testing. 60Hz Example if 30 hz is determined to be the minimum setting the 0-10V signal should become 5-10V signal. 30Hz/60Hz = .5 .5 X 10V = 5V 50Hz Example if 30 Hz is determined to be the minimum setting the 0-10V signal should become 6-10V signal. 30Hz/50Hz=.6 .6 X 10V= 6V