GrowerSelect GROW FLEX Auger Feed System Installation Operation Manual Addendum

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA August 2018 Grow-Flex TM Feed System Selecting the System GrowerSelect Feed Delivery systems are designed to handle most common livestock and poultry feeds. We cannot guarantee satisfactory operation with all formulations. We suggest that you contact our Technical Service Department concerning the use of new or unusual formulations. GROW-FLEX Auger Feed Delivery Systems are the most versatile feed conveying systems available. Their ease of installation, reliability, low maintenance, and adaptability for many different applications, make them an indispensable part of any livestock feeding system. The GROW-FLEX Auger Feed Delivery System you choose should be based on the following; 1. Particle Size - Feed particles that are too large for the system will cause damage to the particles, excessive power requirements, and plugging of the system. 2. Moisture Content (18% maximum) - The moisture content of the feed, among other factors, determines the amount of buildup that will occur on the auger and auger tubes when conveying feed. Feeds with high moisture content (above 18%) will freeze if exposed to freezing temperatures. This type of feed tends to flow less easily causing higher power requirements. Feeds in High Roughage (HR) applications should not exceed 27% moisture content. The HR system uses a Model 75 Auger inside of a Model 90 Grow-Flex tube in order to allow more clearance between the auger and the wall of the tube. HR is used in applications where moisture of the feed exceeds 18% but not more than 27% and also for larger particle size not to exceed 3/8” x 3/4” (10mm x 20mm). 3. Feed capacities - Each size of GROW-FLEX auger delivers feed at a different rate. These rates should be matched to your feed requirements. An application that requires a large volume of feed to be moved should use a larger (i.e. Model 90 or HR) auger system or possibly two smaller auger (i.e. Model 55 or 75) systems. See page 7 for System Comparison information. 4. Running Time - Size the system so that the maximum operating time is four hours per day (24 hours). If your system operating times exceed four hours per day, contact your distributor or Hog Slat’s Technical Service Department. NOTE: The maximum allowable liquid molasses content for all GROW-FLEX Auger Feed Delivery Systems is 2%. At higher liquid molasses content or at moisture levels above the recommended limits, the auger tubes can become coated. This reduces the carrying capacity of the feed delivery system, causing eventual plugging of the system. Replaces Page 6