GrowerSelect GROW FLEX Auger Feed System Installation Operation Manual Addendum

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA August 2018 Grow-Flex TM Feed System Installation Instructions for the GROW-FLEX Auger Feed Delivery System Install the equipment as specified in this manual. Failure to install as specified may cause damage to the equipment and/or cause personal injury or death. Take special notice of the warnings and safety decals on the equipment and in this manual. Always wear protective clothing and protective glasses when working with the equipment. Discarded materials, equipment, and boxes may be recycled. Recycle according to local and national codes. Unless otherwise specified, the Model 55, 75, 90, & HR Systems are installed similarly. All the systems are available with straight-out or 30 degree upper boots. Bin Location and Collar Information For easiest installation and trouble-free operation, locate the feed bin in a direct line with the GROW-FLEX Auger System. The layout chart provides some points of reference for bin placement according to the height at which the system enters the building. The bin collar is installed during bulk bin assembly. GrowerSelect bins have a welded collar. Bin Adapter Kits are available to modify existing bins so that the welded collar can be used. In addition, most other feed bin manufacturers have a collar available to be used with GrowerSelect GROW-FLEX Auger Feed Delivery Systems. Boot Installation 1. Insert the upper boot into the bin collar opening and turn it to line up with the direction that the auger line will go. The boot must be as far up into the opening as it will go. Use the holes in the ring for drilling guides and drill 11/32" (8.8 mm) holes in the upper rim of the boot. Attach the boot to the Bin Collar using the hardware provided. See Figure 1 for correct use of hardware to attach the boot. IMPORTANT: Failure to install the hardware as shown in Figure 1 may cause breakage of the boot body. Nylon hex nut must be used where shown below. Figure1. Boot Connection (Side View) Boot to Bin Collar Boot to Transfer Plate Key Description 1 5/16-18x3/4” Truss Head Bolt 2 5/16” Nylon Washer 3 5/16-18 Nylon Hex Nut 4 Boot Body 5 Transfer Plate 6 Bin Collar Replaces Page 13